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National SPF Swine Accrediting Agency, Inc.

A monitoring agency for high health seedstock 

The National SPF Swine Accreditlng Agency monitors herds for seven specific growth retarding diseases and conditions. They are Pneumonic Lesions, Turbinate Atrophy, Mange, Lice, Swine Dysentery, Pseudorables and Brucellosis.

Two seperate methods which are standardized across the country are used to monitor our members herds. Through the use of certified veterinarians on farm inspections and slaughter exams are performed every 90 days.

An SPF farm inspection is an actual walk through by the certified vet of the member's facilities and his findings are reported on a detailed three page form.

Lungs and snouts are removed from a random sampling of 10 head during a slaughter inspection. Any evidence of pneumonic lesions and/or turbinate atrophy are noted.

Upon completion of these inspections, a temporary health status of the SPF herd is given. If no clinical evidence of disease was noted during these two inspections the herd will receive an accredited level of health. If some evidence of respiratory disease is noted during these two inspections the herd will receive a health-controlled level of health.

There are three Important reasons to choose nationally accredited SPF breeding stock.

1.) Greater Profit - What we are all in business for is to turn greater profits. By eliminating certain diseases within a herd, a producer will have lower mortality, better feed efficiency, faster and more consistent rate of gain, reduced antibiotic and veterinary related expense.

2.) Health - Nationally accredited SPF producers provide commercial swine producers the best genetics possible and also provide the healthiest seed stock that today's technology has to offer.

3.) An Alternative - As there is increasing pressure from government agencies to restrict the use of antibiotics in feed, nationally accredited SPF hogs provide an alternative that reduces or eliminates the need for these additives.


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